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Re: REKT Signature Banners

I'm remaking the sig generator. What fonts do you guys want to see? I'll include anything you guys want, if I can get a ttf for it. (Cha0zz's Crackvetica is of course #1 on the list. :D Also indispensable are Papyrus and Comic Sans.) Ya want what I have left of Poxy? I think I can drag up it's guts...

Re: UnReal World

Flatfingers wrote:
Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:08 pm
Wow. That's... quite some feature list.

And it's been running in some form since 1992? Respect.

(Enjoy Hot Shots!. :D )
Yeah, UnReal World is a very ancient "RogueLike" VERY feature rich, very deep, rather steep learning curve.
Worth it if you like that sort of thing.

Re: General Outline of Alpha and Beta Testing

Once he adds an Afro to his avatar that is. :ghost: I cannot unleash the magical powerhouse that is an equestrian Bob-rossian rainbow-vegetable. Mere mortals cannot survive such power! It must remained chained, it cannot realize it's full potential and go Superossayan :lol: :D You'll fit in well ma...

Re: Stellaris

I've been playing for a while now but there are some things I've seemed to have missed. Several times now I've been jumped by an AI player that the game says is roughly equivalent to me. But they always seem to hit me with fleets that contain many more ships than I can put into a single fleet. Indi...

Re: Rocket Lunches

It seems like SpaceX can't destroy their first stages even if they want to ;) Link Most spent first stages survive the fall - even without braking. It's just not feasible to restore them :-) The important thing here is to see how hard it hit the water, if it hit softly, then quite likely they can u...

Re: How Should Non-Combat Features Be Promoted?

Assuming the gameplay is all sorted for ALL these features. Setup a single system, no way in or out. Spawn in a whole bunch of NPCs put them in non-combat roles, and let them do their thing. Spawn in a small group of pirate NPCs, and attach the camera to them. Let the NPCs slowly gear up their own m...

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