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Re: EVE Trailer

Is a nice video, showing mostly the four hours of action you might run into in a month... Unfortunately EVE is pretty stagnant right now due to super-cap blobs and the sov mechanics. But if there are enough people on here willing to play, I might even re-sub and join. (Although an NZ timezone is shi...

Re: Shards

One in five it hits alpha, one in twenty it hits beta.

The idea is nice, but this would require a Subscription based model to be able to pay for the servers at the very least.

I actually hope they get something going. But I can't see it becoming much more than Roblox with better graphics really.

Re: Elite Dangerous

Now that there's been a significant amount of Elite bashing(not that it didn't deserve it), I have a question. When watching ED videos on youtube, the gameworld appeared to be mostly empty to me. The most I saw in a system ever were six ships, four of them AI. Now when I think of LT with its (hopef...

Re: The November 2014 Devlog Discussion Thread

No doubt fancy and useful. But nowhere near as "critical" as the Warp Rails. Don't get me wrong. I look forward to such work pushing LT that much further in the months ahead. But Rails are the discussion lately because of how certain changes (Such as how to defend them, How will they work with othe...

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