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Re: No Man's Sky

There will be.
The realization that universes can be infinite will hopefully push the industry into REALLY discovering what procedural-realities can do.
Although, anyone who starts on a procedural AI may end up killing us all, but let's focus on the positives here.

Java Sucks!

Unity can totally handle this, after all Java can handle Minecraft, and that's a far worse coded game, and a FAR worse system to use! As for ambition, I think it's optimistic, but far from unreachable. Look at the level of Minecraft mods out there. Buildcraft and Industrialcraft spring to mind as go...

Re: LT update anticipation thread

You can have it fast and cheap, but it's not going to be right. You can have it right and fast, but it's not going to be cheap. You can have it right and cheap, but it's not going to be fast. This is my life. Unfortunately sales make us do it fast and cheap, then the customer complains when we cann...

Re: Focus on one thing!

I do code myself (mostly for fun) but it can often be really hard to focus on just one thing; especially if you lose interest in that thing. Josh's way has been working for him, in just two years of josh-coding we have LT at the level it is currently; that is freaking amazing, as most AAA Game Dev s...

Re: Just a thank you

When you put it that way, it almost makes my eyes moisten too... One man, not even through college, taking on the world and rising to be mentioned favorably among upcoming greats such as Star Citizen. Three years ago, I doubt he would have possibly been able to imagine coming this far. Star Citizen...

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