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Re: LT update anticipation thread

Ok, speaking from experience, it's usually best to set a deadline for yourself and hold yourself to it when doing any project. I understand that Josh is giving himself like a "quality deadline" instead of a time based one, but being a perfectionist myself, that tends to lead to me just finding more ...

Re: How to stop every single AI from becoming super-rich

To me one of the things that should definitely limit growth is communication. One of the biggest difficulties when playing any type of RTS games is maintaining control over multiple areas at once. For example, the most difficult part of any Total War game is making sure you are aware of what is goin...

Re: Mod Ideas

Katorone wrote:
masseffect7 wrote:I'll throw two suggestions in to start: Mass Effect and Star Wars.
Why not start with something small and simple, instead of a few big total conversions? ;-)
Sorry, a Mass Effect game where I can just freelance in the galaxy doing whatever I want is my dream game.

Mod Ideas

Some of us are not good at stuff like programming so we rely on others to do the hard work for us :D . I'm a biology major, so I can disect a frog for you, but when it comes to modding I don't know where to start, so I wanted to start a list for people like me to suggest ideas for modders. I'll thro...

Re: Build Colonies

I would say the ability to have taxes on goods sold and on the population would be a good way to have control over a colony. Also, I think if a player or AI chooses to establish a colony, they should be able to choose the type of colony it is (research, agriculture, military, etc.) which would effec...

Build Colonies

I'm sure this has already been suggested, but I think it would be cool for the player and the AI to build colonies on unsettled planets. I think this would allow for much more interesting gameplay because it would mean that systems would be completely populated because of economic forces instead of ...

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