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Re: Ship model concepts

nexus is now older than i was when it came out. and it still looks great :D i prefer the noah battleships over the stiletto class, though :D (the player is an idiot by the way. i didnt act that stupid and actually gave my ships approach commands when attacking i...

Re: Ship model concepts|1024:640&composite-to%3D%2A%2C%2A%7C1024%3A640&background-color=black Nexus: TJI had ship designs I loved, they look bul...

Re: Elite Dangerous

I keep trying to come back to the game, then realize that it wants me to do chores. Can't I just use a remote trading ship to take the garbage to the engineer X3 style, instead of having to sleep through the trucking myself? Aaargh I have such mixed feelings.

Re: Steam Achievements

I've never felt the irresistible urge to 100% a game. Achievements give me a good idea about where I am compared to other people who own the game, how far the average person gets, and occasionally they give a hint at a fun activity or challenge. I like the statistical information they provide when t...

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