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Re: Questions

I don't think Josh plans to abandon Limit Theory, but I do know he feels like his live has been "put on hold" for the past two years, so he's not likely to continue working on it full-time afterwards. Flatfingers - yeah, I'm aware that we don't know everything at the moment, but his responses infor...

Re: Questions

Be aware, though -- and I think Behemoth would agree -- that a number of his responses are provisional. We just don't know much at all right now, for example, about what kinds of gameplay will be connected to planets. The other thing I wanted to comment on was the first question about whether the b...

Re: Fuel?

I don't think having fuel for just regular flying around a system will add anything other than annoyance.

Perhaps for the wormholes or for "afterburners" of sorts, regular flying? no.


Can you reach the suns? The videos make them look like distant background objects than can never be reached.

Will asteroids be destroyable? Can they break apart from over mining?

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