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Re: Factorio

They finally "fixed" the pollution "bug", so the first biter nest it comes to doesn't vacuum it up. Everything is much scarier now. :D You can get attacks from more than just the first base in line. Naturally, this has pissed a lot of people off. :lol: I'm all for it, though.

Re: Objects In Space

It released! Someone gifted it to me, so I'm able to give it a go. First impressions are both wonderful and terrible. The wonderful: the game itself feels amazing and immersive. I found the tutorial pretty decent - although they favored immersion over clarity, which I think was a bad decision, it pa...

Re: The End

A little late - just got back from a surprise funerary trip. Very nice to see you posting again and watching the forums, Josh! :thumbup: Glad to have you back - never doubted you'd come around again. :) Very glad you're feeling better, too.

Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

I'm back in Georgia. Her dad died while I was on my first flight of two, on my way up there. :( Didn't make it in time. I did the best I could supporting her and being there for her emotionally. We had the funeral and her family wanted me to be a pallbearer. Not really that much happened beyond that...

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