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Re: The End

I doubt it would even make sense, to be honest. Learning Josh's code and figuring out how to expand upon it is probably a bigger undertaking than simply starting from scratch with a pre-made engine - not to mention all the licensing concerns, PR, the Kickstarter backers and all that entails, and so ...

Deep Rock Galactic

OgTWmKFuMZ8 To summarize, it's a wild mishmash of Warhammer 40K, Dwarf Fortress, and a little bit of REKT. The game throws you into a wholly hostile alien cavern system and tasks you with retrieving valuable artifacts and minerals - while trying not to get killed by the nasty denizens of the caves ...

Re: The End

I actually don't disagree with that sentiment, as long as he releases it right away "as is", without trying to clean or polish it. Unfortunately, I don't think he's doing that at all. I think he wants to "make it presentable" first, which I don't feel is good for his mental health.

Re: Space Bourne

I don't think that's what he meant. Rather, I think he meant that an MMO is well beyond the reach of a one-man-project. I would completely agree.

Thanks for finding this, Davdav! I'll keep an eye on it. :thumbup: May end up getting it, too, to see how it plays.

Re: The End

Hyper's Big Post I took some time to think on all of this, and I'm going to respond now - as a regular forum member, not as an ex-community-manager. My CM hat is off right now. If I had the financial means, I would not contribute $20, I would contribute $20,000,000. And I strongly encourage anyone ...

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