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Re: 1st Person view

It's not sexist. It's what most of us grew up with. The Enterprise, for example, wouldn't be the same ship without Majel Barett's voice. It's not really sexist - it's just what we're used to: a calm, smooth and well-modulated voice as the voice of the AI. You wouldn't want a gruff, gravelly voice fo...

Re: Multiple Fleets

ThymineC wrote:
Cornflakes_91 wrote:Less than a sportsy enjoyment but more like palpatine setting up the clone wars to rise to absolute power
fatmop wrote:Yep, now I want to own multiple factions and pit them against each other for sport while I eat popcorn and accumulate space-ferrets.
I very much want to see this.

Re: 1st Person view

I don't think we'll be getting detailed cockpits with a copilot's seat, sadly. I'm really more or less fine with that, though... it would make it feel more immersive, maybe give a cozy quality to flying from the cockpit. I don't know, I've always liked games with 3d first-person cockpits. Not sure w...

Re: Treason?

Heh, you guys beat me to it. I read this thread earlier but didn't have the chance to reply. Yeah, worker AI won't be advanced enough to be capable of something like intentional treason.

Re: Wear and Tear

I wouldn't mind repairing damage, nor using ammunition, but I'm not sure I like the idea of being indefinitely stranded in space. I agree. I like the idea of needing to repair damage and requiring ammunition, but my proposals also try to avoid the possibility of deadlocked gameplay states. Very muc...

Re: Multiple Fleets

At the OP in general... I'm immensely surprised nobody mentioned the prototype before Josh said something. That did have stuff set up so you could command multiple fleets. Josh wouldn't stray too far from that general style of gameplay, at least as far as combat goes. To have nothing but a single fl...

Re: Background Simulation

I'd consider that a success. With a lot of games, it's fun to sit back and watch them simulate on their own. I imagine Limit Theory would be just as cool to do that with. If the game stays about the same without the player, that just means that the AI is successful in matching and emulating player b...

Re: Planet Name Generation

Huh, I wrote code for something like this. I may post it later. It allows you to "theme" names to different systems, so that, for instance, one system will sound Greek, the next might sound Norse, etc, but all procedurally generated. That sounds impressive Talvieno. :thumbup: Thank you. :D I certai...

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