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Re: PCG Currency

Gazz wrote:Actually, Josh might get a product placement deal if he called the currency Starbucks.

Or at least free coffee.
I don't think anyone would take the game seriously then. lol

I personally prefer "cr" for short, as unoriginal as it may be.

Re: LT update anticipation thread

It was a close thing. I woke up early to watch this before work... I was smiling and giggling like a 12 year old on Christmas morning the whole time Same here. XD I downloaded it via Youtube Downloader so I could watch it at max quality without having to wait for it to load every five seconds. It w...

Re: Scanner 2.0

I've played freelancer, but as it stands now, if you've noticed in the LT monthly videos, anything within the system is insta-identified and shows up as a marker on your HUD. (I did assume that there would eventually be a limit to how far you could detect something, but at the moment, Josh's scanner...

Re: Scanner 2.0

Draglide12 wrote:If they want to know where I am they should have to scan for me. The ID should serve to make me easier to scan, it shouldn't be an absolute nix on anonymity.
Easily fixed, just lower the scanner's range from system-wide to a specific radius... which is kind of what I'm hoping will happen anyway.

Re: Scanner 2.0

I love the idea of stealth gameplay. I can't stand the idea of everyone being auto-detect 24/7. I don't like the idea of everyone always knowing exactly where I am simply by merit of existing. It's fucked up. Ahhhh, I misunderstood, then, I thought you didn't like it. :P Anyway, yeah, that's exactl...

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