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Re: Refund request

I may have said this before but... I understand that people want refunds and their reasoning behind it, and this is not ment as bashing on those that want a refund. Yet, it leaves no good taste in my mouth. Contrary to Frontier and CIG, Josh have had no income on this project outside the Kickstarter...

Re: No Man's Sky

IronDuke wrote:
plillevold wrote: Define "civilised" then.
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Civilized Countries are Shiny, while Uncivilized Countries are Rainy. Makes sense. That explains why Norway always felt so uncivilized :thumbup:

Re: Star Citizen

Harmonic Networks, you say? Sounds intriguing! Is there, by any chance, enough space :ghost: for one more member? :angel: Edit: I have ships :thumbup: you should apply then :ghost: and you can add your ships to our ship table.

Re: Factorio

From the looks of it, the train system has had a major overhaul. Looking forward to try out the new stuff!

But, but! Don't seem to get the update from Steam. Perhaps there is some delay in distribution. But it's just not fair :angel:

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