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Re: LT update anticipation thread

Victor Tombs wrote:
plillevold wrote:...nooo, really? And here I was, hoping that the update anticipation thread would live on so that we all can join in anticipating update #22 :angel:
I was only referring to the epic updates, plillevold. ;) :)
Got it :) well, I'll be here anticipating any update on LT, epic or not ;)

Re: LT update anticipation thread

Has anyone else noticed the incredible change in the tone of this thread since Update #21 dropped? ;) I think the days of the epic update are over, Flat. They served their purpose and it's time for a change. ;) That kind of hype doesn't do anyone any good. I think it really showed this time. We don...

Re: LT live stream?

When the beta comes out, I'm planning to put up a screen, showing off LT, as a "picture of art" in my home. It would run something similar to what is mentioned in this thread, follow NPCs around doing their business or just cruise the universe to show off the beauty of LT. Now, with my relatively fa...

Re: LT update anticipation thread

My main concern is that all the time and stress Josh expends on this Dev video is sucking dev time away from the game. How much closer to the game would we be? So I'm being selfish here. I don't want LT Dev video updates. I want LT. EDIT: I just went back over the dev log for the last several days....

Re: LT update anticipation thread

You're not the first, plillevold! :lol: We've all done that at one point or another. Welcome to the forums, though! :wave: Or, welcome back , I should say! ... ~30 mins away! All that's left is writing the KS update :) that an "update ready" confirmed?!?! :clap: its a year and a day old post,...

Re: Steam?

I second the suggestion about As far as I'm concerned, the more options the better, provided everything remains manageable! I will keep GOG in mind. Please do. You have my vote too for GOG as distributor. As others have mentioned, Steam is really a no-go when it comes to being DRM-free, but...

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