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Re: Mount and Blade series

The russians are one step ahead of us it seems. (Apparently some new pictures are going around the net, which may or may not originate from russian servers.) As far as mods for warband go, Floris or its "continued" form Floris evolved is pretty good. Tell me more about "Floris evolved"... :think: h...

Re: Friday, March 17, 2017

Holy shit. The stress test pics don't look like space at all. It looks like a bloody cave. Its joshs variation of hyperspace, cavespace :ghost: ... that pun was so bad, it made me come out of lurking mode again. (so good job on that one) + shinys techtalk - Josh was ...

Re: Skyrim

Flatfingers wrote: I've actually been thinking about this recently, as I plow once more through the entirety of Skyrim SE and its DLC in vanilla mode (because I decided that this time I'd actually try to collect achievements, and modding Skyrim disables achievements).
There is a mod for that :D

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

What made me happy today, was playing stronghold crusader with a friend of mine and my base erupting into flames of sheer excellence. Seriously the hole grain->Mill->Baker-Block turned into the 7th lvl of hell in mere seconds. It was so bad even my wells catched fire, so i decided to just roll with ...

Re: Skyrim

You do need more mods, HappyGhecko. I spent weeks on the modding process before I started seriously playing the modded game. I can't see the remastered Skyrim being able to outdo the experience I'm already having with the modded game but as it's being offered as a free standalone product I will cer...

Re: Skyrim

good lord, i purchased the legendary edition 5 days ago.

Playtime ~ 10 minutes
Modding time ~ 12 hours

250+ mods currently running and the game is not crashing on me ... that means i need more mods.

Re: Endless Space 2

One thing I didn't like, was "upgrade wars". You would need to switch your designs up every so many battles to counter the AI designs. (who would then adjust their designs) There isn't much skill or strategy, it was a simple "this blocks this" adjustment until you ran out of money to upgrade. Point...

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