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Re: Wing Commander, "Ace" Pilots, and Limit Theory

Victor, I will express no emotion at all in order to make you more comfortable. I am neutral about this decision. It is simply a logical course, as it is advantageous for the purpose of interaction. I would follow this with an emoticon, but the very name implies an emotion. It would be logical to ha...

Re: Update?

Silverware wrote:
mcsven wrote:I think those of us that lived through The Great SilenceTM are more than happy with current state of communications. Just let him do it his way. Any other way doesn't end well.
Forever and ever Amen. Rebecca still has nightmares sometimes.

Re: Update?

Actually, it doesn't even have to be about LT. It would be cool if there was just a post about some of the other people he works with. He said that he's enjoying having people to bounce ideas off of. He should introduce someone, and maybe let them show us some of what they're working on. He showed u...

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