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Re: The End

Reading this announcement made me deeply sad. Reading the comments below it, and what people said here on the forums, made me feel hopeful for humanity again, which is something that doesn't happen too often. It was a wonderful journey: I've got to meet wonderful people, and read many a thoughtful, ...

Re: REKT ARMORY (for purchases + statting)

LVL UP!!!!111 Name: Ishmael Stats:    Energy: 0    Durability: 1 (+1)    Maneuverability: 1    Hacking: -2    Computer: -2    PSI Unit: 2    Robotics: -2    Engines: 1 (+1) Skills:    Charisma: 2    Intuition: 1 (+1)    Handiwork: -2    Conventional: -2    Unconventional: -2    Exotics: 2    General...

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