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Re: Minefields

One ways to make them not have to number in the thousands is to use them as a form of point defense barrier where they are spread around choke points such as wormholes and portions of warp rails. Otherwise they would likely be maneuvered around easily. Or just be outright annoying.

Re: Stellaris

Does the new fleet mechanic fix the "attack with one huge fleet" problem? Combat got quite boring, as it was always just "buildup a bigger fleet than the other" and then "attack with that one fleet". Also the static defenses (fortresses) did not really scale up with the fleet power, and never prese...

Re: Star Citizen

Thanks for the honest answer Etsu. I appreciate the information. CIG implies with tweets like this that the game has layers and layers of fully functional, deep features. "While most pilots view..." makes it sound like there's a healthy ...

Re: How Should Non-Combat Features Be Promoted?

I'm here for LT's economy and dynamic universe. I can get combat from any number of thousands of games out there. I can't get an economy where I have the freedom to build a shell company which earns funds for my less than legal criminal organization. Will I blow stuff up? Maybe, but that's not my ma...

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