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LTP v1.1: Cauchy's Tachyon Rail Weapon

Is Cauchy's Tachyon Rail weapon not supposed to have a reloadable magazine? The stats in the Ship Viewer for this weapon show no magazine size or reload time. And the weapon schematic (lower left icons) doesn't show a load count above the icon for this weapon. Unmounting and remounting it didn't cha...

LTP v1.1: Two Buy Entries of Same Type

LTP v1.1:

Two items of the same name (Gauss's Novacannon) were displayed in the Buy window. Same price, same stats, but two separate entries. (Although each had a different number of that item available -- one had 11, the other had 6.)
Duplicate Buy window items
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Re: Bigger Ships, Different Gameplay: A Design Concept

I see no thread drift here -- all good stuff. There is one potential bit of sneakiness I can think of for challenge scaling. A conventional game with fixed world limits needs to maintain an interesting level of challenge by spawning new individual within the existing known places. It can do this wit...

Re: Balancing Ship Design and Faction Diversity

Can't argue with this in terms of "I am compelled, nay, driven, to fully flesh out this idea." I thought I had that kind of thing bad.... :) I see this as a highly satisfactory starting point. My one question actually goes back to the subject line of "ship design and faction diversity": does this sy...

Re: Ships are dying easly

Destroyers are tin cans . Just about the smallest ocean-going (military) vessels. Although, to be fair, something like today's Aegis destroyers (or maybe even a littoral combat ship) are lethal tin cans compared to a bunch of pirates in a Zodiac. No argument on the "capital" designation, though. No...

Re: Bigger Ships, Different Gameplay: A Design Concept

Understood and appreciated! FWIW, by "management" (of ship or crew) I wasn't imagining a complex non-combat gameplay mode. I was thinking mostly of managing ship systems (including officers/crew as a system) in combat -- power regulation, fire control, damage control, etc. That would be one of the e...

Re: Bigger Ships, Different Gameplay: A Design Concept

Good (and satisfyingly detailed) comments, all. Thanks! I'm on a wee tap-tappity device, so I'll keep this short. (Well, short er , anyway.) 1. There's no way I'd propose something like this that didn't heavily signpost the fact that choosing to drive a bigger ship will change the kind of gameplay s...

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