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Re: Pine

It's been a while since I last updated this one, but the Twirlbound team have been busy working on Pine (and pretty good about updates ). Current plans are for a closed beta probably in May or June, and possibly launching in August 2019. It's certain that there'll be aspects of this game I don't per...

Re: Kickstarter, and the "Promise" to deliver

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:48 pm
well, i for myself definitely got those 30 bucks i've thrown at josh back in entertainment :mrgreen:

Likewise, and then some.

One of the reasons I hope Josh will release some of the LT code is to allow some kind of group project as an engine to keep this forum going.

Re: Skyrim

Oh-ho! Nice find, Cornflakes -- thanks for the pointer. It looks like this won't work for me as I'm currently running two GTX 980 Ti cards in SLI, so apparently that's not burly enough for Adaptive Sync. (And I'd rather not upgrade to a new graphics card juuuuust yet.) But maybe when the right HDR10...

Re: Skyrim

A G-SYNC monitor is probably the next thing on my list of ongoing hardware improvements. I've had my Samsung SyncMaster 245BW for something like 9 years now, which is a pretty good run. I'm now looking at the shiny new crop, but I'm still holding off until the introduction of a few HDR10+ monitors; ...

Re: Skyrim

Sadly, my Skyrim SE seems to be broken now. After a recent update, Skyrim Script Extender started whining that it needed to be updated. OK, I did that. Then Racemenu complained the SKSE had been updated, and it needed to be updated, too. OK, did that, too. Now whenever I get anywhere near Riften, an...

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

DriveThruRPG approved my latest RPG adventure. No GM's Sky - Uncharted Worlds is a space exploration sand box adventure for the Uncharted Worlds RPG. It's a freebie (well, a PWYW, which really just works out like a tip jar.) Check it out!

Re: The End

Monk, I don't say much lately, but I'm here pretty much every single day. And I read your post. Thanks (sincerely) for taking the time to comment. I think you make some good points. But I believe the most difficult problem Josh wrestled with on this project was never technical. And that's all I'll s...

Re: Random

Ooooooh. That is nice -- seeing these immediately makes me want to get down in there and start exploring. Some quick (and maybe inaccurate) thoughts: 1. Do you use a "biome" concept? I see what look like broadleaf (deciduous) and conifers mixed together, which feels a little off (at least from a "ho...

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