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Re: 10000 Asteroids Testlevel (WebGL)

Did anyone have the chance to test it on a Mac and/or Safari? I wonder if there might be some Apple specific issues, before the project gets too big to track down problems. Yup, it seems perfectly fine on my macbook pro 2015 on safari. Rock solid 60 when I'm not locking at the center of the asteroi...

Re: General Outline of Alpha and Beta Testing

It would seem from what Josh has said before that the beta will be available to all kickstarters who backed at the beta level or above. He's said more than once that there is no way of getting beta access unless you either backed the kickstarter at that level or you have subsequently bought someone ...

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

...I took a trip to Ohio to visit my girlfriend... Only just read this Tal, but I'm glad you got a nice holiday. You're retelling of your time was very well summarized, I am never as good at telling my holiday stories in so few words. I'm looking forward to my own holiday soon. You always surprise ...

Re: Random

Talvieno wrote:
Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:17 am
It's an IRC thing. "Pew pew" is like an LT IRC meme, or something... along with *snart*, tactical assault, lilacs, cookies, :V, cheese, goats, and a number of other things. :D
Oh, so it makes even more sense if I were spent more time on the IRC. I should do that...

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