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Re: RimWorld

Seconds after loading up my current save (a scenario attempting to see my 5 crashlanded teenagers live into their twenties), Muffalo 10, an old male that self-tamed a few seasons back, nuzzled my chief grower and was renamed 'Death'. Good omen? No? :P Despite choosing the easiest possible setting an...

Re: Avorion

In the Alliances update: Steam Workshop support!!!11! Also full out-of-sector simulation of ships and stations! (at the cost of broken saves) edit: failed to notice a new multicrew ship control feature (eg. delegating piloting, guns, energy management, fighter squadron management roles) for multipla...

Re: Pyre

15 days to go! So ready to dive into some more stylish Supergiant goodness. :mrgreen:

Re: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

[..] he's got a fleet of ships following a leader, in formation, through a dense, heterogeneous asteroid field, and it's looking pretty awesome as they break formation to avoid collisions, then form back up when the field allows it. [..] Yes! More of this, yes! :squirrel: Sean, I'm expecting better...

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