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Re: CyberPunk 2077

i retreat my previous statements

well... i just speed read through like half of "lady of the lake" to find the segment. seems like i was mistaken and theres only the segment in w3 that mentions an explicitly scifi environment.
probably mixed them together in my head :ghost:

Re: CyberPunk 2077

I just realised something, and its full of witcher 1 spoilers. before W1 and after the sapkowski books geralt was part of the dimension hopping wild hunt for a few years. Blood and wine may have been Geralt's last adventure. But there is a big chunk before the witcher games :ghost: Make whatever you...

Re: CyberPunk 2077

I read The Tower of Swallows, and I didn't see anything like that (or place for it to happen). I could've understood it being in The Lady of the Lake, though. Spoilers: That's when she starts dimension-hopping. Haven't finished that book yet, but I'll give a heads-up if I find anything. Im not perf...

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