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Re: Scanner Sombre

made a few short videos of it, because mr Manley made a video of it and i pulled it out of the library again at that opportunity. Scott also managed to avoid a few things, i put them at least on video :ghost: (with maximum professional level editing. read: none. its just the nvidia capture output ba...

Re: Net Neutrality

I disagree. Just because something is a desirable public good does not automatically qualify it as a public utility (to use the correct full term). but a necessity to modern life which requires expensive, complex and cooperating infrastructure to work at all. and to which everyone has to have an as...

Re: Random

:think: I've been told that the waiters in Austria are no longer grumpy. I wonder if I have to revise my opinion of Austrian farmers as being surly and aggressive. Maybe he was just having a bad day. :angel: Well, from what i gathered would an american consider the friendliest austrian waiter as gr...

Re: Net Neutrality

I stress it because 1) limiting state interference with legal behavior is a good principle, and 2) the pro-net neutrality case is weakened by its proponents failing to defend ignoring this good principle. I defend the principle when its valid to apply. You also ignored the second half of my point, ...

Re: Movies!

thedamngod wrote:
Sun May 20, 2018 3:42 am
Silverware wrote:
Sat May 19, 2018 7:49 pm
I know right, so MANY things.
Like the song in the background of the main fight at the end? frakking amazing.

Also, don't you dare leaving the theater before the complete credits have rolled (as in any Marvel movie).
One doesnt leave the theater as long as the projector is still running

Re: Net Neutrality

Honestly, the weirdest part of the whole "net neutrality" thing for me is seeing the same people who'd criticize NSA employees for aggregating telephone data to identify terrorists arguing that FCC employees should be able to access ISP data to be sure they aren't charging different rates, as thoug...

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