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Re: Rocket Lunches

??? You're claiming that the proximity of an infinitesimally tiny spacecraft (Cassini) to Enceladus caused the jets of water vapor that were imaged as Cassini approached this moon of Saturn? Please tell me this was a joke. It wasnt a joke. He also isnt claiming that :ghost: Hes claiming that the ge...

Re: Rocket Lunches

I have some problems with this attitude, but it's an explanation worth knowing. I'd be interested in hearing you elaborate. :) Nothing cray-cray; I just don't want physical (especially human) exploration of other worlds discouraged by an unnecessary view of human activity as "contaminating" other p...

Re: The State of HDR for Games

Flatfingers wrote:
Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:25 pm
I'm probably going to go with a G-Sync monitor rather than FreeSync, but that's only because I tend to buy Nvidia cards; it's not a philosophotechnic thing.
Thats probably preventing you from getting those screens at bearable costs, because the last time i checked was g-sync a 100buck premium

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