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Re: The "Game" in LT

Why would "attach orders to spatial/logical volumes" be anything like modding? Its pretty much exactly like the gambit systems in final fantasy or dragon age (or any number of RPGs) why would you need LUA for using it? Why would you force players to interact with it through LUA? (Because thats what ...

Re: Squaring the "Vertical Progression" Circle (maybe)

Corn described what I'm saying perfectly :thumbup: . Research progression rates occurs in global ticks. The tick rate of different research branches are different, meaning that research in armor is particularly valuable at a given time because it's advancing quickly, while at another time, you're b...

Re: Squaring the "Vertical Progression" Circle (maybe)

My concern is that "unbounded" = "arms race," and one or two factions will take a commanding lead over all other factions. Once they've achieved a major advantage -- because unbounded research permits it -- they will use this advantage to prevent all other factions from growing, either by restricti...

Re: Squaring the "Vertical Progression" Circle (maybe)

in terms of bound/unbound: numbers which only serve to be compared to other numbers (damage, hp, power generation/needs, mass, thrust, cargo capacity, resource costs, mining amounts) can rise pretty much unbounded (limited by how the actual numbers are handled by the engine). As they cant break anyt...

Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

F4wk35 wrote:
Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:16 am
Anyway, I'll be taking a short trip to vienna with my brother and a friend next month from the 15.08. to the 18.08.
If that friend isnt me we arent friends anymore!

Jokes aside, tell me when and where and we can sit down for a beer or two (or coffee/tea) and talk a bit :D

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