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Re: UPS (uninterruptible power supply)/ power bank/ power storage

If it's a single-occupant fighter, power/status monitoring and control systems might be pretty minimal. If the typical fighter-sized engagement lasts < 1 minute because a fighter craft is a small, relatively very weakly defended vessel, then maybe LT should not be designed so that fighter pilots ha...

Re: Ship model concepts

Re: Station Model Concepts

Re: Station Model Concepts

Those are rather a lot of assumptions, aren't they? not really. when you are moving heavy stuff gravity is in the way. you can transport stuff with less risk of damaging it in microgravity. and building centrifuges sturdy enough to carry hundreds of kilotons of industrial facilities under standard ...

Re: Station Model Concepts that is no station... thats a lucrehulk droid command carrier, its pretty mobile in fact :P (in hyper its as fast as an ISD1 even) also: hexagonal? pyramids? decide :V and a couple of hyper's images are in fact ships (from...

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