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Re: The WolfStar Raiders

I should mention also that the rocks you explode are permanently destroyed forever. It'll take a while, but eventually, the bubble is gonna start running out of these, and people will have to start looking farther away. In the meantime though, ALL HAIL THE GOLD RUSH. with individual fields being te...

Re: The End

Yay mental healing \o/
Good to see you back Josh :)

you may now be able to enjoy the pages after pages of theorycrafting without stress :ghost:
just for the benefit of the people who want to abuse your code base to make LT :angel: :ghost:

edit: or, god forbid!, come by the IRC :ghost:

Re: Generation Ship

While we do have the capability to isolate antibodies, the sheer number of different antibodies that would have to be isolated, replicated, and subsequently supplied to the child would make it an extremely difficult task. There's also the problem of how quickly viruses change. This would essentiall...

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