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Re: No Man's Sky

NEXT update for NMS is mind blowing, fellow Limit Theorists. It has a sense of wonder and scale now that is unprecedented. One cannot come closer to truely entering an alien universe. Just take a look:

Re: The State of Limit Theory Development, 2017 Edition!

Thank you for the post, Josh. It is much appreciated :) . What you do there is a fundamentally difficult thingie, so you can be proud of every bit of ground covered, even or actually especially if you had to traverse through a maze to make the next little step in the right direction. The most import...

Re: The Road to the Beta Series!

If you just go entirely off-grid without (in my opinion) properly communicating your intentions, first... You leave a big giant void in your absence, which will undoubtedly be filled by all the angst/pressure/etc that he is likely trying to avoid by being absent. Very true :thumbup: . That would be...

Re: The November 2014 Devlog Discussion Thread

They never struck me as huge? They are rocks, not much bigger than your run of the mill boulder. I think your sense of scale is off :lol: Although the planets are scaled down a bit. Yes, so I thought too for those near the player. Than I saw those half-covered by the distant planet. I mean, the fac...

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