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Re: Shallow Space

Mawhrin-skel wrote:
JoshParnell wrote:This game is going to be so good it hurts :shock: (because I'll have to pull myself away from it to get anything done :ghost:)
I'm totally playing second fiddle to the stuff you and your team...
He thinks Josh has a team... that's adorable. :D

Re: So now that he is back

I've always been under the strong impression his pressure is self-applied - could you show me an example? I agree about the self-applied pressure, I seem to remember him mentioning being "pressured" by the public/forum/backers only in that he felt that he would disappoint if what he produced wasn't...

Re: Hi Josh

I absolutely want to join in to say: I hope you are doing well. Not doing well with the game, just well, in your life, in yourself. I hope you have peace, and whatever else makes you happy.

Re: Comments and Criticisms regarding RTB and Post schedule

I plan to go out of my way in my large circle of development colleagues... Somehow I doubt this. Why? I'M a developer, and let me tell you, I've easily spent two months with an entire TEAM of people just getting REQUIREMENTS for a programming project that wasn't anywhere NEAR the size and scope of ...

Re: Comments and Criticisms regarding RTB and Post schedule

/lurker mode off I can see this situation being a self-fulfilling cycle: 1) Josh backs away from the forums so as not to be distracted by drama going on with the lack of regular updates on his part. 2) Drama ensues due to lack of regular updates from Josh. 3) See Item #1 He DOES seem to get himself ...

Re: Comments and Criticisms regarding RTB and Post schedule

I'm sad I haven't heard from Josh as well, but the whole "countdown to legal action" thing sounds like a very immature and obvious attempt to get Josh to respond, and just makes you look foolish. I think I'd also be a bit more inclined to take your viewpoint seriously if your handle wasn't "NetSlut"...

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