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Re: Star Citizen

It felt like we went without any real variety of these type of games for so so long that Star Citizen should be applauded by showing the mainstream games industry the fan passion and willingness to cough up cash that is so obviously out there. Since then we have seen LT, Elite, NMS, Ascension etc Re...


Nice looking game, gladly backed ... But then I'll back anything with even a wiff of spaceness.

That said Limit theory stands apart from this in my mind as you have the whole "industrialisation of space" thing going on.

Onward spacegame soldiers!

Re: LT update anticipation thread

Can't remember if I backed Star Citizen or LT first, so not really sure how I first found LT, but I do recall feeling a buzz after first watching the pitch, LT just seemed to offer everything in a neat package, and Josh struck me as exactly the type of candidate that KS was meant to support. The hei...

Re: Nice places to live in UK. National Parks?

I always liked Settle up in North Yorkshire. I've only been to Kendal once and all I was interested in was mint cake! :twisted: Not considered going westwards? it's pretty out Somerset way. True, thanks but a decent airport needs to be within 2-2 1/2 hours, just can't face driving so far back home ...

Nice places to live in UK. National Parks?

Hi folks, have posted this in just about every other forum I frequent, and given the quality of folks round abouts maybe I just might get some useful advice! Am looking to move away from London, and from the way Josh ruminates about Baton Rouge, I quite fancy a UK national park like the Lakes, or Pe...

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