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Re: Amira Willighagen

IronDuke wrote:
Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:00 pm
Flatfingers wrote:
Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:27 pm
the bizarre vocal gyrations -- the stuff I call "technical warbling" -- that other singers throw in around every note.
I think that might be called vibrato?
There was a Radio talk show host here in Atlanta Ga. years ago that referred to that as "Urban Yodeling".

Re: Music!

I've been watching some Penn and Teller Fool Me videos lately. One of the contestants was a mentalist named Rob Zabrecky. Penn pointed out that he knew who Rob was so I looked him up. The band he was the lead singer and bassist in was called Possum Dixon. Here is one of their songs called Watch The ...

Re: Beyond Dark

It's been 13 weeks since I started. While it's still in alpha, there are rumors that the beta will be starting soon. It's still very much a work in progress though what's in place seems to work well. Has anyone else gotten an invite? New people are still popping up in alpha 2.

Re: Stellaris

I solved the problem by back grading to Stellaris 1.9.1. I was deep into the mid game in a large galaxy and was annoyed when Steam auto upgraded the game. I couldn't play my saved game because it was incompatible with 2.0. But the page that popped up as soon as I launched the upgraded game gave a li...

Re: Beyond Dark

Got my alpha key for steam from the dev team at Beyond Dark Thursday. I set up my account this morning. I can tell it's going to take a while to get started. You don't start with much. Has anyone else gotten an alpha key and if so, are you playing?

Re: Stellaris

I figured out what I was doing wrong. It was a really dumb somewhat rookie mistake. I wasn't waiting for all the ships to reach a single location in system before trying to combine the fleets. DUHHHH!!!! :monkey:

Re: Stellaris

I've been playing for a while now but there are some things I've seemed to have missed. Several times now I've been jumped by an AI player that the game says is roughly equivalent to me. But they always seem to hit me with fleets that contain many more ships than I can put into a single fleet. Indiv...

Re: Subnautica

You miss out on a lot , I think, by not going in blind. Watching guides/playthroughs or reading tips or wikis would probably destroy most of the feeling of exploration, and spoil a lot of things. I think anyone that has any thoughts of ever playing this game probably should go in blind, if at all p...

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