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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Sometimes you just have a good day, tech guy came by at work and upgraded all the computer monitors. I asked if I could buy some of the surplus as salvage. He called his boss and they said since I work from home every now and then, just grab a couple and some data cables that you'll need as well. So...

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

If I make up for it in quantity does that count? (Table top wargames, random generators, papercrafting, RPGs, and quick starters.) Just kidding, I'm firmly in the hobby game dev category at this time. By the way, I did also release some virtual miniatures (low res) for TableTop Simulator. One of the...

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

DriveThruRPG approved my latest RPG adventure. No GM's Sky - Uncharted Worlds is a space exploration sand box adventure for the Uncharted Worlds RPG. It's a freebie (well, a PWYW, which really just works out like a tip jar.) Check it out!

Re: Random

While waiting to start my own space game project, I've been helping others work on a total conversion of Empty Epsilon to the Mass Effect universe. EE is an open source starship bridge simulator similar to Artemis Bridge Simulator. So far I've converted 50+ ship m...

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