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Re: Drifter

Necro posting because of a recent backer only post from Drifter: A Space Trading Game. What the developer is suffering is similar to Josh's journey and just a little creepy in the parallels. I'll call it a cautionary tale of underestimating human fragility and too much ambition. I'll take that as a ...

Re: The End

He said he was gonna clean up the code and make it presentable before open-sourcing it. That will probably take a couple of months, especially knowing that Josh is somewhat of a perfectionist. I think it is the radio silence that drives some of us nuts. Even something minimal like "Clean-up at 17%"...

Re: The End

Well, there is the closure and sense of duty argument. If a lot of folks supported me on a project, I could see wanting to show something for the effort. I'll wait patiently since waiting impatiently isn't very productive. Some news would be nice, otherwise we're going to have to start scanning hosp...

Re: Where to be notified about code release, and any fan-based projects to bring LT-like games to life using code?

Ugh, I used to code in C/C++ and still do a bit a Java, but that's too much like work. GCC is a freebie along with IDEs like Code::Block and Eclipse. So, cost is probably not a factor. A limited pool of potential talent might be a greater problem.

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Just completed my Week Four challenge for #SGAM2018, woot! Solo Gamer Appreciation Month is an annual event where members of the solo table top RPG community get together to write and share, participate in community events, and create new tools for solo gaming. If you're really curious... Week One: ...

Re: Elite Dangerous

Odd question, can you play the current version of Elite Dangerous in single player mode and never have to interact with other humans players? I'd like to replicate something more like the original game play rather than some PvP murder sim.

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