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Re: The End

Actually, it is related and has been possibly answered. There is a GIT repository out there. Sure, we don't have access to it yet. But, that's a big first step. If that resource is accessible to others (in the untimely event of a bus or lottery), then we're covered.

Re: The End

Sometimes the best jobs are the ones that are not exciting. Stability and peace of mind are one reason why I code for the insurance industry rather than the game industry as my main gig. [I've been with the same company for over 18 years now.] Just for fun, computer games still leads IT in turn-over...

Re: The End

Indeed, which is why I hope he reads this all as well meaning advice and not demands on his time. I have faith in the community. Give us a chance to help polish things and make the LT code-base shine.

Re: For those that want to learn programming

I also have google calendar set me up with a daily reminder to check Packt. Their free learning page is always giving away books and video courses on a number of subjects from beginner to expert. I have quite an extensive reference library between the freebies and the few books that I have bought fr...

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