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Re: LTFC - July/August 2017 - Combat Edition

[Cargo-Freighter Celera R147] [Mission 18 - Emergency Delivery] [Audio Log #3] Why are we still flying through this minefield?! When does it end? I'd like to know that as well, but we can't contact our escort. Well, we deactivated all of our sensors and radar equipment, of course we can't ask them!...

Re: Communications Gameplay in Limit Theory

it could be that way for everyone but not for the general case. say you go outside of general communications range and come back. you have to go to some friendly ship/station and reestablish the communications links. after you have "actualised your encryption codes" or whatever normal instant/fast ...

Re: Friday, May 5, 2017

I think it can stay, as this topic kinda went from 'SHINIES :o ' to 'fighter design' to 'how ships are represented on the HUD' to 'how to recognise friendly/foe' to 'IFF/Sensor' with no clear break-off-point. As long as this discussion does not continue for like another 2 pages I think it's fine.

Re: Friday, May 5, 2017

a small ship with a very big very bright very hot reactor is less visible than a bigger, unpowered, chunk of metal? if it isnt, which implies that you cant differentiate between a rock and a ship, are all asteroids in range marked the same way until they respond to an identification ping? if the an...

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