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Re: (Mostly) HowSerendipitous' Train Thread

Remember folks, if in doubt, think about what a train would do. Something in your way? Toot your horn and crush it. Something weighing you down? Increase your steam pressure and keep going. Er. Where was I? Choo choo! :twisted:

Re: (Mostly) HowSerendipitous' Train Thread

That first one looks like Crysis. I thought that too. The mission where Psycho sits on a train and mows down people with a machine gun. So awesome :twisted: Anyhoo, where was I.... Oh yes, choo choo! :twisted: ht...

Re: (Mostly) HowSerendipitous' Train Thread

No gods. No kings. Only trains. Choo choo! :twisted: http://atomictoasters.c...

Re: August-September Limit Theory Fan Creations: Cities Edition

Wellp, I'm not 100% happy with it, but here we are! 750ish million polygons (700 of so of them trees!), about 5 and half hours render time, you can thank the spectral atmosphere for that and some fricking annoying black spots on the render that I had to touch up in Photoshop! I think I modelled 28 b...

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