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Re: The End

It takes a brave man to start a Kickstarter for a simply ludicrous game on his own. It takes a man with balls of solid adamantium to admit, after thousands of hours of blood, sweat, and tears, that he cannot complete his goal. Even as a non-backer, I am proud to have been a part of this community fo...

Re: REKT ARMORY (for purchases + statting)

Name: Gene Weber Stats:    Energy: 1    Durability: 1    Maneuverability: 1 (+1)    Hacking: 1    Computer: 1 (+1)    PSI Unit: -2    Robotics: -2    Engines: -2 Skills:    Charisma: -2    Intuition: 0    Handiwork: 1    Conventional: 2 (+1)    Unconventional: 0    Exotics: -2    General Knowledge:...

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