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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

Hapchazzard wrote:
Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:43 pm
"We really doin' this? I fukcin' hate these kind o' goddamn pen-pushers!"
"Hey, you want coin for booze or not? I don't care much for bloody unions either but we're pretty much guaranteed work if we hook up with 'em. I'm itching for a proper brew. That an' some squids to shoot."

Re: REKT: The Conference Room

((I'm pretty sure Brom agreed to come with us. Of course, he's doing his usual "I am the leader" bluster, but in essence is agreeing to team up with us. Or so I think. Hema will have to clarify)) ((Shit you right, I completely misinterpreted that. This should be…interesting. :ghost:)) Reply: "Yeah ...

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