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Re: The End

Hey Josh. Do me a favor and release the source code. Nobody is going to make a huge profit off your work you worry too much. He's translating it all from spaghetti code into something that people not named Josh Parnell can mess with. Releasing the source code is completely pointless if it's too muc...

Re: June Limit Theory Fan Creations: Advantages Edition

...and here is my submission: As usual, for those with a bigger screen, a version with a bit more pixels is available here . All models done and textured by yours truly, except the man in the last picture. This is a very detailed model of an as...

June Limit Theory Fan Creations: Advantages Edition

Take part in the discussion --> here Only submissions in this thread, please. Heyaa! This is a placeholder for the official post of Talv, who's welcome to ignore/edit/erase/remove as he sees fits. This is still a bit new, so I'll reiterate what was said last month a few months ago: Whereas previous...

Re: The End

Thanks for the news, Josh. Happy to hear your life is « normalizing ». And remembre that everybody is soooo much smarter in hindsight.... As for LT, I suspect you've made a lot of people very happy -- in a strange sort of way -- that you don't see anything inherent in either the LT engine so far or ...

Re: Where to be notified about code release, and any fan-based projects to bring LT-like games to life using code?

What i hope is that the long silence since the End does not indicate a new dark time for Josh.
I hope he is doing well. And found a new “path” for his life (back to university- hint -)

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