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Re: The End

When I last heard, he simply wanted to go back to university to finish his schooling. This is the best news since the original statement (which was a good news, imho, to end a rotten situation). Josh, keep this good decision, in our world, you won’t regret having a diplom to show and it will teach ...

Re: Welp

Nobody ain't leavin' no train fo now, son. I've seen my visiting frequency be somewhat proportional to Joshs posting frequency. And now? I might have a look into REKT. But still, what course will the forums take? I'd suggest giving the whole train some fresh paint and turn it either to a general so...

Re: Welp

So as a game master, you are then something like a god? Or is there some way you can get attacked and removed from power? Higher up the power scale. In his world, he can decides what god(s) do. And he can loose power as soon as nobody freely accept to bend to his power, i.e. the player leave him :m...

Re: The End

This is the right decision Josh.

Congratulations for having the courage to take it. We know you did your best, now get your life back.

Wish you all the best!

And for the forum, you can count on me for sharing the cost as well!

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