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Re: The End

If he kills the forums, I lose five years of the REKT RPG I've been working on. I find that to be a terrifying thought. Fortunately I don't think he's going to... not yet at least. The payment date is somewhere around September, if I remember correctly, and that's come and gone for this year withou...

Re: The End

I think there are enough people here who could code up the player-facing capabilities of a LT-like game in something like Godot's scripting language. The hard part -- which I certainly can't do -- is the core framework stuff: event communication, AI, and any other features that must be written in a...

Re: Kickstarter - 70h left: Escape Velocity Redux

HowSerendipitous wrote:
Sun May 24, 2020 3:45 am
I'm already on there CSE :twisted: I really liked Escape Velocity: Nova, so I chucked them a few pounds!
Nice - it suceeded!
Upgraded my pledge at the last minute and got a përs ;-) - now I have to search my archives to find the files to upgrade my plugins from that time...

Kickstarter - 70h left: Escape Velocity Redux

For those, like me, that played hours of this simple, but nicely moddable "Elite"-style game (in 2D, though), this is the chance to have it work on modern computers. I spent some hours making plug-ins there, and I hope it becomes reality again. Of course: Kickstarter: everybody here knows it can tur...

Re: Kickstarters

*Shrug* I suspect I've had more fun on this forum than any video game could provide :twisted: I strongly confirm this! Josh owns me nothing. I would like to see him behaving like an adult and at least communicate when he repetitively breaks promises (such as releasing the code) but this is for his ...

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