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Re: UPS (uninterruptible power supply)/ power bank/ power storage

Why should your opinion on turret power allocation be binding for me? It shouldn't. As usual, one can always argument for more options, more freedom, less constraints. This is always a good talking point - who can be against freedom? But as usual in life, there are compromises: The major one is dep...

Re: Limit Theory Forumite Residential Archive Map

Flatfingers wrote:
Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:56 am
The robots survived. Because robots don't need chocolate.
Unnatural. Surviving without chocolate must be eternally bland.
A fate worse than a blue screen (assuming the robots are not MacOS X based; assumption realistic as mac based robots would certainly enjoy chocolate).

Re: Limit Theory Forumite Residential Archive Map

Actually, the chocolate thing was mostly a joke. :lol: Belgians are better known for waffles, and, sorry for the Swiss, a lot of countries in Europe are known abroad for their chocolate - Swiss, UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary (in no particular order). Swiss are ...

Re: Limit Theory Forumite Residential Archive Map

Well, there is a reason they put the European Parliament here :ghost: Really? I thought for sure it was the chocolate. :ghost: I beg your pardon????? After misnaming the country with a central position in europe, you spread misguiged misinformation about chocolate? Context for non-connaisseurs of t...

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