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Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

I don't know about Cube World, Jaga, but I was glad to see your post. Can I first welcome a fellow backer to these forums who understands the anxiety many of us have had concerning the game of Limit Theory. You make points that this older and even more mature (in years) gamer has been making for som...

Re: Elite Dangerous

IronDuke wrote: *realization hits*

Philip is a moderator on the Elite forums!

I've even seen him but never connected the name with here.
Philip is much respected here, IronDuke. As is Geraldine who pops up on the KS pages from time to time to give Josh encouragement in his work. :angel:

Re: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Flatfingers wrote: Enjoy it while it lasts.

It doesn't last.
That's an interesting response, Flat. It sounds as though you're mourning the loss of your own cuteness. I always envision you as a precocious child who has blossomed into a man with a wide palette of gifts. :angel:

Re: The Great Remembrance Thread

I could potentially do this, yes, but I don't think I could quite do what you're requesting (a post that would quickly get anyone up to speed), or if it's really a good idea to make a sticky displaying all of Josh's shortcomings. (Especially as community manager.) :lol: I tried to keep a straight f...

Re: Elite Dangerous

Cody wrote: What's this - forty-two? Oh, to be forty-two again! <sighs wistfully>
:o Yes, I was surprised Philip was that young, Cody.

I wished you happy birthday in the right place, Philip. This thread unsettles me. ;) :angel:

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