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Re: Pre-ordering games

Hmm...well I'm one of the oldest souls here and I've preordered several games in the past. I'm not saying it was the wisest action to take but it did provide me with some nice extras which I would have missed if I hadn't. :) On balance I've probably received better deals from some of the games I've ...

Re: Skyrim

I know nothing of such content, Nathan. All my mods are taken from The Nexus. What's been really interesting is that, up until the last mod applied to my new SSE game, the only files that needed cleaning were the files created by Bethesda. :lol:

Re: Skyrim

I am amazed. At 13 hours into vanilla Skyrim SE (it runs better on my rig that the original Skyrim did), and it is blowing my mind. I have never followed the storyline in Skyrim before :o :shock: In the past, I was too afraid to use the Shouts element of the game, as I just wanted a wander where I ...

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