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Re: Star Citizen

Victor, I believe your standard for politeness still pertains to current day. Honestly, there is no reason why people can't have a respectful conversation about a topic they disagree about. I was pleased to read your response, BFett. :D I feel much like Adam Adamant felt at times in the sense of be...

Re: Star Citizen

I for one am always ready to read your opinions, ResultsMayDiffer, I just prefer them to be devoid of personal attacks on and rudeness towards members of this Community. :angel:

Edit: :think: I guess I'm a bit old-fashioned when it comes to politeness.

Re: Star Citizen

I hope I'll get an opportunity to work in Japan for a bit, and do some proper kenjitsu training there. I also hope you will get that opportunity, outlander. :) In my limited experience, if you want to gain respect of others on a forum, start by making quality posts. :( Dammit! I knew I was doing so...

Re: Books!

I've been informed that the second book in Nicci Chronicles by Terry Goodkind, "Shroud of Eternity: Sister of Darkness" has been released in audio format and is on its way to me. :D :shifty: I really need to listen to "Death's Mistress" the first book in the series which is still in its sealed wrapp...

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