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Re: Star Citizen

Good to see AMD getting stronger, Cornflakes. Nvidia needs the competition to keep them on their toes. ;) When I take the plunge and order the yet to be unveiled next generation Nvidia cards for my new build they will be the truly awesome cards I'm hoping for. :thumbup: :angel:

Re: Star Citizen

I hope you manage to solve your hardware issues, Etsu. I agree with you that it doesn't help to have below par equipment if you intend to experience the full graphical wonder of what Chris and Co. are creating. :angel:

Re: The Iron Oath: Kickstarter for Turn-based Tactical RPG boxed product. And what's with this incessant shoulder shrugging? Are they all asthmatics fighting to get air into their lungs? No, it can't be that even those NPC's without lungs perform the same action. If it had the equivalent of Minsc and Boo I would consider pledging a few dollars. :an...

Re: Star Citizen

I've been seriously thinking about getting this (gonna need to wait till I'm not so poor first though :oops: ) I hadn't really looked much at it after learning it was mostly multiplayer, but I've been enjoying the MP aspect of E:D too much to continue overlooking SC. I know a few of you guys alread...

Re: Dynamic Destruction

Much as I admire what Josh and Co. are doing with procedural generation I'm pretty sure that Star Citizen will be the king of "Dynamic Destruction". If you want that feeling of your ship falling apart around you in detail, look no further than that blockbuster. I'm not sure what we will get in LT bu...

Re: Star Citizen

i noticed you removing all your ships from the ship list and leaving a couple of 0's with the ship numbers :ghost: (which made me notice it in the first place) I've completed my updated list of ships, Cornflakes, and will include it in a PM to you. I can't see that there will be any further additio...

Re: No Man's Sky

Well, I did whoosh my detailed model ship to a new display case a few days ago but I've yet to revisit the game. I did manage to clock up a few hours play when the game was first released but it might be a good time to claim that pre-order ship which still awaits my limited piloting skills. :angel:

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