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Re: Star Citizen

You didn't notice the wink, Godz. :) Actually, my main interest in the project is Squadron 42 which is well on the way to delivery. As I've stated in previous posts my participation in the PU will likely be somewhat limited. I joined HARMNET to make most of my ship assets available to those members ...

Re: Star Citizen

Thanks Victor, i'm not planning on investing more in the game until i am sure it's going the right way (at least imo). I like what i've seen in 3.0 but i still take everything about it with a grain of salt... plus i'm a poor poor man and ships are expensive lol You manifest great wisdom, Godz. ;) Y...

Re: Star Citizen

So i took advantage of the anniversary sale and finally bought a package... Still trying to get to grips with the game, after so much time with E:D flying the mustang is weird but with some rebinds is getting better. Anyway i just came here to see if you guys that have more time with it have any ad...

Re: Skyrim

Your post told me more about you than it says about me, Detritus.

There is no guilt involved in my spending. Although my being a collector does lead to a certain amount of agonizing over where the money gets spent. There are regrets at times...if I get the agonizing bit wrong. :angel:

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