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Re: Star Citizen

And no mention of the Completionist level. That's odd! :? It still shows "Completionist" in my Display Title choices. Don't they at least deserve a token weapon or something of that nature? I know it's a bloody daft title to start with because the Completionist package is anything but complete. :ang...

Re: How Should Non-Combat Features Be Promoted?

I did get the impression from the small amount of information I gleaned from sources available to me that the attendees at PAX thought Limit Theory was just another pretty shooter. And I have no idea what's in the minds of attendees at such events, Flat. They seem to gravitate to the noisy, guns bla...

Re: Star Citizen

I'm a bit slow on the uptake but it seems my rank of Wing Commander gives me a free in-game Anvil Aerospace F8C Lightning. So that's another asset for the fleet. :D :angel: Hmm...that Legatus Navium rank would give me this version of the F8: Concierge Civilian Luxury F8: Always ready to improve upon...

Re: Star Citizen

Hmm... I suppose I should ask Sandi or Chris. I might have a word about those sandworms while I'm there. :angel: Please do! And don't forget to report back here. I'm very interested because Chris said "Worm WAS NOT A JOKE" I've submitted a request for information on the sandworms and the large fish...

Re: Star Citizen

Arclite wrote:
Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:51 am
Money is fixed. Resources are fixed.
Excuse me, Arclite, but I think it might be worth me pointing out that the content above and beyond game development is financed by a willing band of noble subscribers. I belong to that brotherhood. :angel:

Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

Good News! For all those who find my interruptions extremely tiresome, I wish to inform you that I will be departing for at least two weeks of blissful retreat starting this weekend. The terms and conditions of said retreat contain a clause relating to internet access... there won't be any. So you c...

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