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Re: Star Citizen

I've just watched the improvements being made to the cockpit experience as featured in the latest, "Around the Verse". It's breathtaking! As someone who has always enjoyed a cockpit experience I couldn't be happier with the amount of detail being built into this aspect of the game. :D And the announ...

Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

Talvieno wrote:
Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:15 pm
I will be officially away on vacation for five or six days, starting this Thursday, to visit my gf in Ohio. :D
I said what I had to say in another place, Nathan. :)

I hope everything went well with your flight connection, my friend. Have a good break and enjoy yourselves. :angel:

Re: Station Model Concepts

Those are superb images, Hyperion. :D I'd be happy to see stations of that quality but I'm doubtful if the LT Team can deliver. We can only hope that the algorithm(s) created will be a lot more advanced than those we have seen so far. :angel: :shifty: I'm still not convinced that procedural can deli...

Re: Skyrim

So after a week of trial and tribulation creating my almost perfectly modded game in SSE, Bethesda come along and reintroduce their dirty masters. Why on earth they don't clean them up themselves is beyond me. I haven't found a single mod (from any source) that I've needed to clean apart from their ...

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