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Re: Remaking Limit Theory - From the ground up

Hey Victor!!! So nice to see you here! I planned to write you an email but I was waiting to see if something might actually come of this first, i.e. making sure that it wouldn't collapse before it began. I'm sure the talented members of this community could make a fair job of producing a decent spa...

Re: Remaking Limit Theory - From the ground up

I'll also try to get in touch with Josh again... and Victor too of course. Victor would love to hear about this. (Also I really miss the guy.) :D Thanks for missing me, Nathan. And yes, I'm loving reading the recent additions to this thread...but I didn't appreciate this particular contribution fro...

Re: The End

I will continue to remain optimistic and I thank Deiain for his very encouraging input. :thumbup:

I'm not sure if Josh still visits these forums but I'm sure, if his time constraints would allow, he would be interested in Deiain's positive approach. :angel:

Re: Star Citizen

Very nice Victor. Do you think we'll ever be able to meet up all together in game and fly as one squadron? :) I can't see any reason why we couldn't, BFett. I went through the list of ships in my hangar after reading your enquiry and with a total of sixty unique ships, it wouldn't make any sense to...

Re: Music!

Hmm... have been listening to The Sessions V by Tangerine Dream. I didn't enjoy it as much as previous Sessions CD releases. I know they have a heavy live appearance schedule but It's time for TD to start thinking about working on another studio album. :angel:

Re: The End

But yes, we did add a lot to his dev to-do list. :oops: Well, all I ever wanted was an updated Microsoft Freelancer game with the modern graphics that Josh had already demonstrated he could provide, Nathan. I was under the impression that this was what Josh was going to be working towards but... :(...

Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

I'm moving out tonight! I (and taiya) will probably be offline until late Sunday EST... which means a few bots may show up. If any do, head by IRC and pester Bele/DWMagus until one of them logs on and purges them. I'll check by phone when I can to try to get rid of them, but that may not be terribl...

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