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Re: Star Citizen

Very nice Victor. Do you think we'll ever be able to meet up all together in game and fly as one squadron? :) I can't see any reason why we couldn't, BFett. I went through the list of ships in my hangar after reading your enquiry and with a total of sixty unique ships, it wouldn't make any sense to...

Re: Music!

Hmm... have been listening to The Sessions V by Tangerine Dream. I didn't enjoy it as much as previous Sessions CD releases. I know they have a heavy live appearance schedule but It's time for TD to start thinking about working on another studio album. :angel:

Re: The End

But yes, we did add a lot to his dev to-do list. :oops: Well, all I ever wanted was an updated Microsoft Freelancer game with the modern graphics that Josh had already demonstrated he could provide, Nathan. I was under the impression that this was what Josh was going to be working towards but... :(...

Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

I'm moving out tonight! I (and taiya) will probably be offline until late Sunday EST... which means a few bots may show up. If any do, head by IRC and pester Bele/DWMagus until one of them logs on and purges them. I'll check by phone when I can to try to get rid of them, but that may not be terribl...

Re: The End

It's rather disappointing that Josh doesn't post a bit more often. I too would be interested to know how he is and maybe a few words on his current circumstances as far as "employment" is concerned. :)

:shifty: Trying not to be too nosy. ;) :angel:

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