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Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

I'm moving out tonight! I (and taiya) will probably be offline until late Sunday EST... which means a few bots may show up. If any do, head by IRC and pester Bele/DWMagus until one of them logs on and purges them. I'll check by phone when I can to try to get rid of them, but that may not be terribl...

Re: The End

It's rather disappointing that Josh doesn't post a bit more often. I too would be interested to know how he is and maybe a few words on his current circumstances as far as "employment" is concerned. :)

:shifty: Trying not to be too nosy. ;) :angel:

Re: The End

Maybe, but given his track record I'd still like a copy of the sound track as a separate thing... :) I wouldn't argue with that, Tycow. There isn't much Josh can offer in a complete form but the soundtrack was delivered in full by François. I'd like the CD's but I'd settle for a quality download. :...

Re: The End

Tycow wrote:
Thu May 02, 2019 7:30 pm
Yea, I'd be interested in getting a copy of the soundtrack as a consolation prize! :)
Maybe Josh intends using the soundtrack in some other, as yet, unannounced project, Tycow. ;)

Pure speculation on my part. :angel:

Re: Star Citizen

Talvieno wrote:
Wed Jun 05, 2019 10:18 am
And I'm very very happy about that. I can understand you being less active though, especially with the state of things. There's not really much place to be active here other than REKT or IRC.
I appreciate your kindness, Nathan. :angel:

Re: Baldur's Gate III

Being made by the developers of the fantastic Divinity Original Sin I and II, Baldur's Gate III is coming! Based on DnD 5e, featuring co-op, sounds very good to me :D Thanks for the heads-up, Dino. :thum...

Re: Star Citizen

In the case of both Limit Theory and Star Citizen, I enjoyed the ride immensely (I mean, just look at my post count ) and was devastated when Josh announced that he couldn't continue his dream project. I was devastated not because I would never get to play LT - because honestly, there are some fair...

Re: Star Citizen

Yikes. This Forbes story about Roberts & Co. burning through most of the SC/S42 cash with still no playable game is not complimentary: I don't hav...

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