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Re: The End

Victor Tombs wrote:
Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:33 am
So when do we get to hear the full soundtrack of the game, Josh? :)

I don't play much Microsoft Freelancer now but it doesn't stop me from enjoying the soundtrack. ;) :angel:
Yea, I'd be interested in getting a copy of the soundtrack as a consolation prize! :)

Re: The End

Josh, I'm truly gutted for you, but I'm also gutted that you've tortured yourself over this. Please don't feel bad.

You've given it your best, you've been more resilient than 99% of others would have been, and you've done us proud. Look after yourself, please! :)

Get some rest.

Re: Nervous

HappyGhecko wrote:
Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:13 am
The quick derailing of this topic makes me nervous :angel: .

(The links are quite interesting though.)
Threads get derailed quickly because there is nothing else to talk about here. The latest devlog has devolved into people rhyming words with "kill". :)

Re: Scytale's Possibly Abortive Distant Worlds AAR

This entire last AAR is a great example of what operational-strategic thinking looks like in a space game. The cool part is not just that you're doing it, Scytale, but that the game actually is designed to allow you -- maybe even require you -- to function at that level in order to survive and expa...

Re: Scytale's Possibly Abortive Distant Worlds AAR

Thanks very much for this. The first few times I tried playing this game I couldn't figure out why I couldn't just (a) build a mining station on literally every planet, and (b) colonize every conceivable world. The costs of doing these things were not apparent. Here is how I understand it at the mo...

Re: Scytale's Possibly Abortive Distant Worlds AAR

Cheers Tycow, I'm learning to appreciate the underlying ideas of the game, even through the at-first seemingly impenetrable operating mechanics and UI, and I feel like in that sense the game is able to handle the scope it projects. Of course, my opinion about this may change if I suddenly get conqu...

Re: Scytale's Possibly Abortive Distant Worlds AAR

Great AAR Scytale, really enjoying it. It's a great game. 😁 Given that this game almost never goes on sale, and when it does it's still $30, I'm still trying to figure out if I want to shell out for it. Thanks for posting this. You need to keep an eye on this thread:

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