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Re: Aliens

Oh I agree, I was just curious if people have any preference, because even down to something like alien nation (the movie) if it fits it works better. I personally feel more of my favorite things are humans as aliens, but I prefer the idea of sci fi space with aliens involved.

Re: How long more are you going to wait?

Dunno, lol. I have never been very active on these forums, always a lurker, and never checking often until josh's disappearance. I've backed quite a few projects and my father has too, I personally backed the project for 60 bucks because don't panic and I firmly believe it's dead. I don't try to com...

market organization.

I noticed in the update when there were multiple items comparing when you scrolled down you lost the name, it would be nice to lock the name in the top of the window ... Perhaps shrink the word a little as you scroll down.

Can't wait to use my hitchhikers guide to corner the market.

Re: Development Update #20: August & September 2014

Wow, such an impressive update I also really dug the chapters just to break it up into the different focus' (might be a good format to keep with the breadth of LT expanding like stated in the video) I don't make it out to these forums much and I think because of Josh's commitment to us I owe it to h...


I am sorry if this has been talked about before, I have not been here in a while. I am not sure how possible it is at this stage in the game but I've had this thought before and I feel it was validated by josh this last video. LT looks hard as frak. :monkey: I also am getting old. Is there any way w...

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