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Re: Elite Dangerous

Pretty sure though that Josh is well aware that if LT goes MMO in the future, he'll have to hire a whole bunch of people to support it... or do it through a publishing company that has support built-in. Not true. He could make LT an MMO by himself using platforms such as: http://docs2x.smartfoxserv...

Re: Elite Dangerous

Victor Tombs wrote:A PU without all that real human interaction would be pure bliss for me. It's where LT scores big points in my opinion.
I'm quite sure the retail version of ED will have the following modes:
- Multiplayer (online)
- SinglePlayer (online)
- SinglePlayer (offline)

Re: Wear and Tear

There wasn't an option that I wanted. The 'sleeper' option.. Which is to buy some old junk cheap and then sink obscene amounts of credits (usually much more than purchasing a new ship) into it to make it perform well beyond it's original design/capabilities. IMO routine maintenance (on it's own) wou...

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