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Re: Star Citizen

I am seeking additional Star Citizen backer input on my survey: 1. Mining, Trade, and Cargo are aimed at 3.0 and 3.1 - Ignoring version numbers, at what point do you lose faith in CIG to deliver Star Citizen? 2. What is your age? 3. How much money did YOU pers...

Re: Dual Universe

Well that is a bit of a novelty Novaquark in their latest update have set a date were any backer situated in Paris or there abouts is invited to test the Alpha at their studio office. :ugeek: Not sure if that has been done before by anybody else right in the middle of a KS before,starting to like th...

Re: Dual Universe

Cornflakes_91 wrote:um, ehm.
I got invited for alpha access :oops:

Cool stuff :thumbup:

I'm quite happy to wait a bit unless by some miracle I get an invite,at the moment have a ton of alpha's and early access stuff on the go as it is :D

Re: Music!

These guys are on the verge of greatness pity they have such a shit name named after a pub,first search I did came up with a local florist !! This bugger's chorus just keeps circulating in my cranium non stop 8-) Quick edit: Blossoms debut album (Blossoms)...

Re: Dual Universe

Hey guys jumping on this older post to let you know the Kickstarter is live,they currently have some great early bird offers but get in quick,as the KS is going very well indeed :D I grabbed one for 10 quid (12 Euro) and get the full game and 2 Dacs(2 months play) on release not bad at all :thumbup:...

Re: Windows 10

The biggest hassle with my upgrade was going through and finding all the stalky spying "features" I could and turning them off. There was a site I used that helped me through that part but I forget what it was. I ended up opting out of everything I could, really- the less info I send Microsoft, the...

Re: Star Citizen

Glad you guys are enjoying SC,I'm no where near patching the game getting stuck at 797.8 meg left every bloody time I try :roll: Posted on SC forums for some help,only other option is try to download via HTTP problem is all 30 gigs again oh joy !!,and that might not even work either. quck edit:edite...

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