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Re: 10000 Asteroids Testlevel (WebGL)

Because I'm completely demented I tried it in Internet Explorer! I got a whopping 12-16 frames per second on an i7-920 with a GeForce 980 GTX running full screen at potato resolution! That was looking at lots of asteroids. Look at an empty starfield and it goes up to 40 frames per second. Of course...

Re: 10000 Asteroids Testlevel (WebGL)

"I concur with the others; that engine sound is awesomely good." Hehe, its basically a Brownian noise, mixed with a 60 Herz Sine wave, and then some filters applied. For the demo, I have set the LOD to react at quite a short distance. This will improve when I have more metrics about the actual perfo...

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