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Re: Unit/Group AI In Halo

Thanks, its an interesting channel on AI, going into depth without hiding behind the math. The reinforcement learning methods presented in the video are also applicable to such action planner systems as stated above. The reward (utility) would then be the successful application of an action-sequence...

Re: Unit/Group AI In Halo

Thanks Flatfingers for the referenced paper. Here some more thoughts on combat related AI for a spacesim: In any case, independent of how the AI chooses what to do (simple state machine or complex dynamic planner), the end result will be a set of actions that translate into the gameworld. Any sequen...

Re: Unit/Group AI In Halo

The biggest problem for (combat centered) AI is not a technical one, but: "how does the player perceive it". And that is strongly correlated with the gameplay the designers have in mind. Noticeable to the player are obvious failures of the AI (pathfinding - getting stuck, not reacting to obvious thr...

Re: Station Model Concepts

scaffolding based shipyard: more simple shape, using a modular approach

Re: Ship model concepts

I really like this realism centered approach:

Re: The General Unhappiness Thread

Actually, there isnt much to criticize about the game currently, as its mostly about technical optimization of subsystems or very early prototyping (mesh generation). Im still waiting for some concrete disclosures on game-mechanics. Something that can be discussed outside of technical architecture, ...

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